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HEFK School Gardening Program

School Gardening Program

Haiti has been importing substantially more than it has been exporting. This economic imbalance will hinder the development of Haiti if it is not rectified. Haiti will not be able to thrive if it does not acknowledge what is foundational to its own development - the importance of teaching children how to grow and produce their own food. 

HEFK School Gardening Program - Talking in a circle

In 2020, HEFK partnered with Haiti Compost Business to teach children fundamental agricultural lessons and the partnership gave them the opportunity to grow their own gardens.

This collaboration empowers the children of Haiti by allowing them to be more creative and  learning the importance of teamwork. 

HEFK - School Gardening Program

By supporting the School Gardening Program, you will be supporting the economic future of the children of Haiti. The children will be able to take what they have learned from our program and implement the lessons in their parents' backyards. Your support also broadens their minds and exposes them to a future of entrepreneurship that may have otherwise not been possible.

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