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HEFK - Scholarship Awardees in Robillard

Young Achievers Scholarship Program

Each year, several children in Haiti are denied schooling because they can’t afford tuition. Imagine  being the most brilliant student in your elementary school and you are unable to attend, simply because you cannot afford tuition.

Unlike in the United States, most of the schools in Haiti are private schools.

This eliminates the chance for some of them to accomplish their dreams since they do not have access to education. Children are often left at home with nothing to do, or worse, are left to wander the streets.

Nevertheless, you can help make a difference. School fees in Haiti are only $75.00 per year.  That’s right, just $75.00 will allow a child who obtains the highest grade in his/her elementary school to attend school for the entire year.

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Please, help us send as many kids to school as possible.

To help pay for school tuition for Haitian children in need, click below.

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