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6 beneficiaries of the micro-loan progra

PAME Program 

Grants for Small Businesses

PAME (Programme d’Appui aux Micro-Entreprises; English translation Supporting Program for Small Enterprises)

HEFK initiated this program as a way to help Haitian entrepreneurs become more financially independent and to educate their children. HEFK gives them funds so they can develop their own business. This program was financially supported by Dr. Dacelin St. Martin.


Her name is Josianie Pierre and she is a mother of four. Three of her children get to attend school. Her husband is a farmer and her family is depending on her for financial support. 

Due to climate change, their lives have become much more difficult. Their livelihood is unpredictable due to heavy rains and lack of consistent sunlight. 

When Josianie was selected to be a part of the PAME program, she was ecstatic. She believes this program will be a life-changing opportunity for her and her family. 

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Our goal is to help more Haitians with their businesses, which will help their communities and eventually, all of Haiti. Your donation to this program will be greatly appreciated and impact the lives of many Haitian business owners for years to come.

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