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Backpack Program


This is Jean-Pierre Toussaint.  He is an 8 year old boy who lives in Robillard, a section community of Plaine-du-Nord, a small village in the North part of Haiti.  Like most parents in his village, Jean’s parents are unemployed, and  live off of subsistence farming, selling anything they can in the local market.  For the past three years, Jean was able to attend Centre Chretien de Robillard Elementary School with the help of Haiti Ed For Kids.


Haiti-Ed For Kids donates backpacks and school supplies to children who are in need in Robillard.

Because of these great contributions, Jean’s and many other children's future is bright. Their parents can focus on providing for their family and the children can continue to pursue education. This ensures they will be able to provide a better future for their hometown and for all of Haiti.

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You can help HEFK continue this mission, and shape the children’s lives and futures in Haiti.

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